Ascolis Wyldfire

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Baron Squire Ascolis Wyldfire of Shadowkeep, Defender the Wetlands

"This is an honour sport if you can't call your shots you don't belong here."

"Its ok he signed a waiver"



Ascolis was A founding member of House of Hawk before joining the Crimson Scales , then joining the White Tigers before Founding Misfit Company. Ascolis was Kingdom Champion during the Wetlands anniversary Reign. After several years of Leading Misfit Company Ascolis left to eventually to go on his own. As of recently has joined Dragonstorm. Most known for Playing E.P.E and scout. Once committed mass genocide against Barbarians from his Post of Duke of Shadowkeep became known as Ascolis the Terrible. Once tackled and choked out a meth head who stabbed Greasy, Sir. Daxon and Cut Sir. Drake at Marguls Jones country Mid Reign. Winner of multiple Tournaments , Weaponmaster Choke Artist.

Affiliated Groups

House Hawk
House Hitman
House Wetlands Pride

Belted Family

Sir. Redhawk Longwing

  • Squire Ascolis Wyldfire
    • Man at arms- Trade
    • Page JAB
    • Page Piggy

Notable Accomplishments

  • Baron
  • Defender
  • Master Scout
  • Legend Of Shadowkeep
  • Wetlands B.A.M.F

8 time Shadowkeep park officer holding every office at one time or another.

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More Information

Jerry is also an owner of his own Tattoo shop Pretty in Ink Tattoo Company

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