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Countess Dame Ascli Montague, of Syrindale, Goldenvale.


"From Ancient blood breaks forth new mutiny where civil blood makes civil hands unclean." - Shakesphere

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Ascli began playing in August of 2007 and soon gained fame in Caradoc and some of the Northern groups for her start in Amtgard, due to the fact that she went to three events before the end of her first month of playing and fell straight into playing like it was her job. She quickly became very active in Caradoc and Northern Amtgard, being one of the most frequent travelers among the different Northern groups, and is now active in Wolvenfang. She's also known in the north for her talents with face makeup, and is in high demand at events for working with NPCs to help them look more badass. In February 2011, she was awarded the first Viscountess title handed out in the north for her 2 terms as Ducal Consort. She has continued to serve both Wolvenfang and the Nine Blades in various offices since.

Ascli married Cy in August of 2009. She can often be found NPCing in his quests, and chained to his sewing machine making his garb. Their daughter was born in September of 2015, and attended her first Amtgard event at 3 weeks old. She currently spends most of her time cultivating her talented belted family and supporting them in their endeavours. She can also be found wandering quests and slaying monsters.

Belted family

Paragon Lineages


Affiliated Groups

Notable Accomplishments



Non-notable accomplishments

  • Took 3 years and 9 months to finish leveling assassin.

Positions Held

  • Court Scribe, Caradoc Hold, October 2007 - March 2008
  • Baronial Chancellor, Caradoc Hold, March 2008 - July 2008
  • (Pro tem) Governor of Citadel Shadows, Sept 2008-December 2008
  • Court Scribe, Wolvenfang, Sept 2008-December 2009
  • Ducal Consort, Wolvenfang, February 2009-August 2009, August 2010-February 2011 (2 terms)
  • Ducal Chancellor, Wolvenfang, May 2011-November 2011
  • Principality Prime Minister, Nine Blades, January 2012-December 2012 (2 terms)
  • Principality Consort, Nine Blades, February 2013-August 2013
  • Seventh Monarch of the Nine Blades, August 2013 - February 2014

Additonal Pictures

  • Ascli's Heraldry


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