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Formerly a Shire of Goldenvale, located in Elmira, New York. Now defunct.

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Founded in 2009 by Dernath the Lost, Lethe Ignis, and Caedere Greyshield, became a Shire under Goldenvale in December of 2011. Away from home, Arrantor is most known for the Goblin Horde of Yule 2011, when a dozen of its members guest-NPCed at Caradoc Hold's Yule quest.

The people of Arrantor gather for feast, November 2011
The Goblin Horde of Arrantor, Yule 2011




Relocated or Inactive

Map of Arrantor, circa 2011

Contacts and Directions

We meet for field on Sundays on the Elmira College campus, in Elmira, NY. You can reach us at, or through our Facebook page.

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