8.0 Rulebook

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Preceded by 7.7 Rulebook

The Official Rules of Play for the Game of Amtgard

Amtgard; Handbook on the Rules of Play

A Caveat: It is worth while to note that whilst wikifing the rulebook does make information easier to find it also makes that information about as honest and accurate as that page’s last updater. This section of the Amtwiki is meant as a guide, not the absolute last word on the rules.

Here is a listing of the current sections of the Rulebook

Wikified for your pleasure

V8 Made Easy


Amtgard the Organization

Role-playing in Amtgard

Combat Rules



Weapon Types, Shields, and Equipment

Equipment Checking

Magic Items



Magic, Abilities, States and Special Effects

Magic and Abilities

Rules Revision Process

Common Misconceptions

Award Standards

Kingdom Boundaries & Park Sponsorship


Amtgard Youth Policy
Amtgard Whistleblower Policy

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