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Two Star of the Celestial Kingdom

"Inside every true princess is a bondage slut." -Two StarZ

"Can I tie you up with this Disney towel and flog you with a unicorn?"

"Mixing Disney with skinny dipping and herbally-induced trips is why TwoStar is cool." -Asmund



Affiliated Groups

InterKingdom House of Pancakes -Food Expediter
House Margarita Chicks - Star fruit

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

Credited with the Drunken Disney Hoedown at Spring War 2007
Formerly the Unofficial Regent of Mystic Springs

Additional Images

Spring War 2007: Jasco, Sraw, Itsari, Two Star

Clan 2007: Ticklepaws, Dalos, and Two Star: BFF!

More Information

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  • Company Website