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Baronet Tremere, of the Crown Lands of the Iron Mountains

”Lay on!”



Tremere started playing Amtgard back in the Nazzeroc days of "5 people is a big turnout". He stuck with it and became one of Siar Geata's more skilled fighters as well as magic users.

As Champion and Monarch, Tremere was a central figure in Siar Geata's growth over his terms in office. Sadly, he left Siar Geata mere weeks before they were elevated to Barony, so he has yet to see the fruits of his labor.

After successfully moving into the Denver area Tremere learned that "one of Siar Geata's more skilled fighters" doesn't mean much in the larger Amtgard world. Having been beaten into reality in the heart of the Iron Mountains, Tremere is in the process of learning how not to suck once again... this time with the help of the outstanding fighters of IMD.

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