Tiny der Uberhund

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Tiny der Uberhund, of Midnight Sun, Emerald Hills.

”It's like watching paint dry. Angry, indifferent, paint that loathes you.” -Tiny, displaying his learned opinion of existentialism.



Tiny weighs damn near eight thousand pounds, and that tree weren't no bigger'n a matchstick...

Now, I'm a big guy. So, when I saw Sparhawk bearing down on me with his bow, I ducked behind the nearest tree, a yearling about 3 inches wide. It was a valid strategy. Make Spar choose left or right. Give myself a 50/50 chance.

That arrow flew at me straight and true, and thunked dead center on that tree. I rejoiced. Sparhawk swore a lot then wandered off the field, presumably to cry.

Affiliated Groups

Company: Crawling Chaos~

Belted Family

Tiny needs no family for his belts. They hold up his pants quite nicely on their own.

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