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Striker, Shire of Centerpoint, Empire of Rivermoor

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We got some Barbarian Battle foam swords at the 2007 Ren Fest. Started fighting with the swords in the front yard. I heard about NERO from a family member. That didn’t seem to be a good fit for us, so I did some searching and found the then Freehold of Centerpoint in September of 2008. I have been fighting almost every weekend since.

Affiliated Groups


Belted Family


Notable Accomplishments

I Served as the Defender of Centerpoint ending in June 2009.

Sheriff of Centerpoint Dec 09 - May 10

Champion of Centerpoint May 10 - Dec 10

Consort of Centerpoint Dec 10 - Jun 11

Won the Dragonmaster for the Principality of Rivermoor Jan 2011.

Sheriff of Centerpoint Jun 11 - Dec 11

Consort of Centerpoint Dec 11 -

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