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Tanis "the Slightly Mad", of Skystone Desert Winds



Joined Amtgard in August of '08. Co-founded Skystone with Loup, Kyra, Talaisan, Vladimir, and Jurgen at the same time. Gained her first office as Regent when Talaisan was fired by Loup in March of '09, and later stepped up as Sheriff Pro-tem when Loup needed to leave the area. She has not had the ambition to run again for office since handing over the position to Kyra in August of 2009.


Tanis is a bit of a nut. She tends to play with all things magical and it's gotten her into trouble on more than one occasion. For a time she was working with a pirate crew but later went her own way and stumbled into Skystone on a whim. She has no desire to leave at the moment. Too many fun monster bits to collect in the aftermath of battles.

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