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Jurgen Kiaser von Schwarzwald of Skystone Desert Winds==

"Hey you with the sperm hat" -Random Player

PIC_0035.jpg Here seen with an Iceball and said Sperm hat.


Drug into Amtgard by his two house mates Talaisan and Kyra Kadias. He was one of the original five that started Skystone. Soon after the park was founded he was called up to service for a year in Iraq. Many attempts to start a park in Iraq and nothing sparked he returned to skystone to become an active member in the chaos of flurby battle games.

Affiliated Groups


Notable Accomplishments

Iceballing Phaelious everytime he posts in a battle game. Only person to play a Zombie the whole time in a game and continue to stumble around long after his knees gave out.

More Information

Can be found spouting some sort of random rulebookiness at the park!