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Baroness Adora Dufresne of Sun's Haven, Desert Winds


Adora began playing in December of 2007, having crossed over from the SCA because fighting in armor all the time sucks. Until recently was the longest surviving member of High Oasis (now called Sun's Haven ). After earning many a handful of titles, and having several belted to her get elecated to nobility; Adora has retired from mentoring (so don't ask for a belt), and will probably confiscate all your beer.

Now as a non-combatant due to injuries, crafts, and is more focused on encouraging the next generation than holding positions of her own.


Autocrat of the first joint Coronation event of Arizona.

Warocrat of Southwestern War I. After spending too much time with the Vegas contingent at SWW I, came down with TDV.

CoAutocrat of Crossroads 1 and Founding member.

Warocrat of Crossroads 2.

Warocrat of Clan XXXIV.

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