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Duke Sir Rocky, of Rusty Gauntlet, The Desert Winds

”Let's get weird”


Started playing in 1998....ouch my back hurts. Have played in many kingdoms and enjoyed most of my time in this game.


Baron - Given by Kyx Serial, December 2019
Duke - Given by Lucas_IV, Saltwar 2022

Belted Family

Squire - Given to Marquess Kohaku 2024 Squire - Given to Master Cayleigh Blackheart 2019 (since elevated to Dread Knight at Salt War 2024)
Squire - Given to Lord Paragon Camroth
Squire - Given to Todderick 2023
Squire - Given to Sidious crow 2023

Group Affiliations:



Serpent Knight- Siege May 2023
Master Crown - Lucas_IV September 2022
Master Owl - Lucas_IV December 2022
Master Gatekeeper - Spring 2008

Sir Rocky Serpent & Crown

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