Rammork BlackFalcon

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Count Rammork BlackFalcon of the Kingdom of Tal Dagore

"Oh hell Rammork has his bow, we are all dead" Fallyn

  • " There are five of you and he is holding you off with one arrow" Baroness Catherine


*Knighted by Heimdale on 4/26/86. It is unclear is this was done before or after the splitting of the belts. It was at the time contested by the circle of Knights. There is no record of it occurring in the early chronicles of the time by JW and Nashomi due to it happening only in the presence of the rest of the Wandering Unicorns.

It was later revealed that Rammock was not knighted by Heimdale. It was a fabrication. Heimdale posted an apology to Esam about the incident in April of 2012, by this time Rammock had been claiming to be a knight for at least six years. --Linden 23:44, 4 April 2012 (EDT)

aka: Cecil Trussell, First appearance April 1983. Sponsor of the 1st Warlord Tournament(we call it weaponsmaster today). Fourth member of the Wandering Unicorns. Co-sponsor of Clan II.

Player now goes by the name Robyn or Flynn Darkhorse.

Affiliated Groups

Noble Household Man at ArmsTrinity Demetris in-active-Man at Arms Gilan Blackfalcon Woman at armsSuzanna

Notable Accomplishments

  • Master Archer, Assassin
  • Master of the Rose(10)
  • Sheriff of Falcon Tor
  • Prime Minister of Falcon Tor
  • Regent of Falcon Tor
  • Baron of Falcon Tor
  • First Full Term Prince of The Principality of Tal Dagore
  • First and third Kingdom of Tal Dagore Dragon Master
  • Guildmaster of Knights of Tal Dagore
  • Guildmaster of Reeves of Tal Dagore

Regent of Tal Dagore

Additional Images

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More Information

  • Claimed to be a knight of the Flame, with the help of his former knight from at least 2007 until 2012, In April of 2012 Heimdale confessed to the falsehood on E-sam.
  • Peregrine Guard