Monterey "Sreggad" Jack

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Monterey "Sreggad" Jack, of Morohaven, Neverwinter

"You're ranting about food, and I'm okay with that"


Known as the Armorer of Morohaven, Monterey Jack often times made/repaired the very weapons used at park. Also known as the local Rules Lawyer Monterey studied the rules of play and the corpora for any exploits and always knew when a rule was being broken, when a spell had been misused, if a weapon was not constructed correctly, and the accurate rating of any armor. Monterey Jack had served multiple terms as Morohaven's GMR

Fighting Companies

Lieutenant of Dragon Claw Company

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

Received the Title of Master as of 11/11/2017

2 Orders of the Dragon

2 Orders of the Garber

1 Order of the Lion

2 Orders of the Owl

2 Orders of the Rose

1 Order of the Smith

2 Orders of the Warrior

More Information

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