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Brutus D'Monet, of Morohaven, Neverwinter

"Life will forever continue forward, but the stories and tails we leave behind will prove us ever immortal."

Brutus D'Monet
Newly appointed King Brutus
King Brutus Knighting Squire Kelbo


First sign in was 12/06/2014 in the Kingdom of Northreach

Brutus first played at his home park in the Kingdom of Northreach (Alaska) at the Astral Winds until 07/04/2015

Brutus would then be one of the original founding memebers of the second age of Morohaven. Brutus served if not every office, nearly every office at the local level and at one point was King of the Kingdom of Neverwinter.

Brutus is the Most decorated member of Morohaven to date with 21 awards Followed only by Master Waveharp and Master Monterey "Sreggad" Jack with 13 awards.


Member of House Raven

Member of House Saphira

Fighting Companies

Founder of Legion.

Former Founder/Captain of Ludus Magnus

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

Title of Lord awarded by King Kelbo on 05/16/2017

Title of Baronet awarded be King Pumpkin Jack 08/19/2017

Paragon warrior Awarded by King Pumpkin Jack on 05/06/2017

1 Order of the Dragon

2 Orders of the Griffin

2 Orders of the Hydra

3 Orders of the Lion

1 Oder of the Owl

5 Orders of the Rose

4 Orders of the Warrior

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