Mimir's Well

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A shire in the Rising Winds, located in Eaton, Ohio




The park was named 'Wailing Plains' prior to contract submission.

Mimir's Well was accepted into the Rising Winds after a 6 month probation period by unanimous vote at Keep on the Borderlands 2015, and was immediately considered a viable host for the kingdom's Weaponmaster and Dragonmaster event.


Stat Esq.
Twilus Galeheart
Page Snaps the Mad
Lord Corr
Rein Lightforge Esq.
Artorius Dragonwrit Ebonmoon
Nadi the Mad


Baron- Lord Rein
Regent- Chenmo
Prime Minister- Twilus
Champion- Drad

Contacts and Directions

We meet on Saturdays at 1pm at:
1209 Eaton-Lewisburg Rd. Eaton OH 45320 (Seven-Mile Park)


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