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IKIYA, of Buccaneers Respite in Winter's Edge

”Who's IKIYA? I'm IKIYA!”



IKIYA started Amtgard in May 2004 at Truevale after fighting with his older brother Duo in their backyard for three months. He was a contributor in the formation of Desert Winds and served on their first BoD. IKIYA has resided in Iron Mountains, Desert Winds, Rivermoor, Wetlands, Tal Dagore, and now Winter's Edge due to mundane job as a soccer coach.

He can almost always be found on the ditchfield fighting any sword knight, warlord, or top fighter he can find. His favorite class Peasant, but he can usually be found at kingdom events shooting people with his bow as an Assassin.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Winner of Known World War 5&under tournament in '23
  • Best in show at Desert Winds A&S tournament for Grilled Chicken Specialty
  • Winner of Rakis Assassin Tournament in '07
  • Winner of Rakis Assassin Tournament in '08
  • Winner of First 4 Truevale Weaponmaster Tournaments


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