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Duo, of Truevale, of The Desert Winds

Duo of Truvale.jpg

"This was supposed to be a house battle! Why are you still talking?”


Nevik, more commonly called "Duo" by those who know him and "Chess Knights" by those who don't, started playing in late January 2004. He is most often seen sporting a plaid pull over tunic with opposing chess knights on the back. His shield is also plaid with opposing chess knights, although it has an additional pawn piece between and above the knights.

He will likely take on any challenger no matter how obvious it is that he will lose.

After reaching sixth level warrior he switched to peasant class to avoid using "magic." More recently he's been seen fighting as an archer

Affiliated Groups

Kurato Clan

House of the Elite Hunters

Belted Family


Notable Accomplishments

Never got frustrated enough to try a magic class