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Lady Eleanore "Eir" Empyrean, of the Barony of The Grim Garrison


”Politics is no place for a brittle spirit.” ”The strongest iron is forged in the hottest fires.”


Started playing on November 1st of 2015 after being told about the game from Tregod and Mortyn. Was one of the five first players of The Grim Garrison and submitted a contract with Tregod to the Kingdom of Burning Lands on March 12, 2016. She joined the Temple of the Vanguard Fighting Company at the conclusion of the 2017 Ohio Phoenix League season.

Affiliated Groups

Offices Held

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

Ladyhood - awarded at her first Keep on the Borderlands: Dark Sun 2016 by Sir Kaadiart

"Emissary of the Grim Garrison" Custom title - Ebonmarch/GG Coronation Fall 2017

Paragon Bard - awarded at Rising Winds June Event 2022

More Information

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