Muninn Myst

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Amtgard Chapter
Muninn Myst
Kingdom Crystal Groves
Status shire
City Falmouth, VA
Park St. Clair Brooks Memorial Park
Meets on Saturdays 12:00pm
Founded 2015
Active Active

A Crystal Groves shire, located in Falmouth, Virginia currently playing at St. Clair Brooks Memorial Park.


E.P. 32 , 18th of Winter

The geography of this plane is of particular interest to me; its constantly changing nature is fascinating. New lands and whole kingdoms can form out of the Boundary Mists almost without warning. They spring out of nothing complete with history, people, and culture. I have yet to determine if these new provinces are indeed created whole-cloth, or are transported from elsewhere. - Journal of Makros the Traveler


Founded in Dec 2015 by Wudan and other members of Rising Sun Station in an effort to expand Amtgard further South, they were soon swallowed by the Mists and lost their way. It was not long until they founded the Forgotten Shire of Muninn and joined in wondrous new adventures. Shortly thereafter they put the call out to all available heroes of the realms to join them in pushing back the dangers of the Mists and claim the new place as home.


Monarch: Kegarian Lionspride

Regent: Odds Bodkin

Acting Prime Minister: Tyen Rissigstein

Champion: Sargon Drin


Address: 80 Butler Rd., Falmouth, VA 22405

From I-95, take exit 133 (Warrenton Rd. - Rt 17S Business) East and travel 2 miles. Park will be on right. Once in, turn right and follow road into the corner across from the skate park.

We meet every Saturday starting at noon.

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Kingdom Seat: Floating Crown

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