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Daiymo Gaisengun Bloodstone Apostle
Real Name Jonathan Troxel
Home Park Sylvan Glade
Kingdom Winters Edge
Year Started June 2018

Gaisengun of Dragonhold

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Gaisengun is a current member of Sylvan Glade located in Augusta, GA. His career started as Dragonhold's Park founder which is located in Bluffton, South Carolina. Before joining Amtgard, he was a member of High Fantasy Society between 2011-2016. Gaisengun's most notable accomplishment to date is the creation of Dragonhold in June 2018 and its eventual acceptance into Neverwinter as a Shire in November 2019.


The story behind the persona of Gaisengun is that he is the son of a soldier by the name of Surudoi. Surudoi fought in the war against Mongolians who attacked Japan in the year 1281. Having fought and won, his father returned home to his newborn son and named him Gaisengun which means, "returning victorious army" In the event there would be another invasion, Surudoi did his best in raising and training Gaisengun. Gaisengun was taught how to read, write, use first aid, and fight. Gaisengun's mother taught him how to sew and cook as those are things not common on the battlefield yet are essential to know. As a young adult when Gaisengun is not training, he is taking care of those who were affected by the war and storms that wrecked the surrounding islands. He fishes, hunts, does repairs, cooks, and cleans for anyone needing help.


As of 02/13/2022, Gaisengun was accepted into the Tarot Tree Beltline by Radiant(Sir) Yamato Saphiran Emerald Temperance Saphire World Aongmender Azkedelia Saphira Nika Abbadon Asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar Winter Edgelord Engrexel Kayda Defender Lord Inquisitor Esquire, son of Mortis Nuntius, self proclaimed national treasure of Neverwinter, Neverwinter head Inquisitor, Leader of the Neonist Army of Neverwinter.. He was given the new name of Bloodstone Apostle Tree (which has now been changed to Bloodstone Apostle Sephiran) where he was made to be Regan's Master at Arms.

As of 03/11/2023, Gaisengun was gifted Radiant Yamato's previously worn Squire belt and therefore promoted from being Yamato's Man at Arms to their Squire.

Notable Acomplishments

Tournament Winnings

  • 1st Place - November 28th 2021 - Sylvan Glade - 4 and Under Single Short
  • 1st Place - January 23rd 2022 - Sylvan Glade - 4 and Under Single Short
  • 1st Place - February 27th 2022 - Emerald Cove - Weaponmaster
  • 1st Place - May 28th 2023 - Emerald Cove - Weaponmaster
  • 1st Place - May 28th 2023 - Emerald Cove - Dragonmaster
  • 3rd Place - July 23rd 2023 - Winter's Edge Day Event at Sylvan Glade - 5 and Under Open
  • 2nd Place - April 15th 2024 - Sylvan Glade Coronation - Open
  • 1st Place - May 26th 2024 - Emerald Cove Weaponmaster (Obtained a 14 win streak)

Titles and Awards

  • Title of 'Daimyo' (Lord equivalent) given by King Bolt of Neverwinter at Winter Coronation 2020
  • Guild Master of Healers - Neverwinter - 2021
  • Guild Master of Druids - Neverwinter - 2022
  • Neverwinter Kingdom Guild Master of Reeves 2022-2023
  • Neverwinter Kingdom Rules Representative - 2022-2023
  • Guild Master of Healers - Neverwinter - 2023
  • Paragon Healer - Neverwinter - 03/11/2023

Office Positions Held

  • Dragonhold monarch - June 2018 to March 2020
  • Dragonhold champion - March 2020 to November 2022
  • Neverwinter Kingdom Guildmaster of Reeves - 2022-2023


Gaisengun's goal for his Amtgard career is to become a Serpent Knight and become a Paragon of all the magic casting classes.