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A State from the Dor Un Avathar X

  • Player is unaffected by projectiles and abilities that originate within 20’ and melee attacks from other players who are not Flying or Large.
  • Flying players may not attack other players who are not Flying or Large by using melee attacks and may not use projectiles (but may use magic balls).
  • When not actively engaged in melee combat with a Large or Flying opponent, Flying players may not physically interact with other players, including casting spells or abilities at a range of touch.
  • As a guideline to help adjudicate what constitutes physical interaction, Flying players should attempt to remain at least 10 feet away from living players that are neither Large nor Flying.
  • Player may remove Flying from themselves at any time by Incanting “I return to solid ground” x3.
  • The ending Incantation for Flying is not interrupted by the player moving their feet.
  • Flying is immediately removed if the player becomes Frozen, Stopped, Stunned, or Insubstantial.
  • Must indicate their Flying State by saying “Flying” if asked or attacked in melee.
  • Greater Release and similar magics have no effect on Flying.
  • Flying Players may not interact with game items in any way unless specifically allowed to do so by the game designer.

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