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a defunct freehold chapter, located in Lenoir City, TN.



We are a Shire Dedicated to keeping the Amtgard experience Fun and Adventurous for all! Anybody is welcome to come out and participate we have accomidations for every member of the family; but please if you are member of another group bring proof of what level character you play. We try to stay out from the "Troubles" of the Amtgard politics in the area but are more than willing to do what ever it takes to maintain our autonomy under the Kingdom of the Burning Lands.

Formerly known as Pantur. BL BoD meeting minutes feb 2005. "Eisental paperwork on their name change, and request for sponsorship was reviewed. The request for sponsorship will be left to the Monarch as per corpora. However, in the matter of the name change, a new contract is requested, but will be linked to the original contract with Pantur. The new contract is required, but for purposes of promotion, the original Pantur signing will be grandfathered to the new contract. "


Contacts and Directions

Shire of Eisental meets at Lenoir City Park from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm every Sunday. If you would like to come out and participate please contact us and we'll give you directions out to the park.

[email protected]

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ORK Defunct in 2007