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Draewynn, of Mystic Seas, Blackspire

”Wise is the man who knows he knows nothing”



ETYMOLOGY: Draewynn (pro. dray-vihn)

Rae, meaning "wise protection"

Wynn, meaning "holy, blessed reconciliation, joy & peace, fair, white"

The "D" preceding his name was given by a previous Sage/Brother-Magician, as a symbol of 4's (e.g.- the elements, the seasons, the four cardinal points, etc.) a reminder of change and alchemical principles.

The entire name combined is a living symbol of his Magick.

Abandoned by his biological parents, he was placed on the steps of a Buddhist monastery in Nepal. Though after suffering under the tutelage of the aesthetics of Indian Tantra, Draewynn found himself leaving India in pursuit of Greater Mystery at the age of 20 years.

Travelling as a young man through AEgypt and Sumer, his voyage led him to a land called Mystic Seas in search of Ancient Wisdom passed mouth to ear, under the seal of secrecy.

After some observation, Draewynn had found much promise in this land and desired to stay,but for as much as he desired to acquire the tutelage of some wise Druid, he was found in the company of warriors and assassins; skilled combatants who placed an emphasis on hand-to-hand training.

He arrived penniless, like most aesthetics, and was well-received by Draugr Virduligr and Al Azif. Together, they both taught Draewynn much of the ways of Amtgard and Mystic Seas.

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