Draugr Virduligr

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Lord, Draugr Virduligr the Hel-Blar Wraith, of Mystic Seas, Blackspire

”Mine øyne vil kjøre deg gal”

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Listen deeply children, and hear the tale of the fallen Krigsherre, and the sorrow of his grave. Many battles he fought and won, besting man and beast in search of a worthy foe to offer him the true honor of death and his place beside his Fathers in Valhalla. But lo! His family took ill at the hands of a sinister plague! In the biting cold of Winter's teeth, his line took pale and suffered greatly. In the longest nights he watched as first his wife, Freya, and then his children, Krake and Bjornan were consumed by this shadow. In grief and rage, he called for the gods to bring him back his sons and sweet Freya, but they were cold and dead as the stones they lay upon. In blodtørst from the loss of his line, he cast the embers of his hearth into the thatch of his home, and brought it flaming to the earth. In the inferno, the village could hear his cries as he used his sword to open his heart. As his home and all possessions had been lost to the fire, there could be no death door constructed to usher him out, and no goods to honor his trip to Valhalla. Thus the men of his clan brought to him a bed of yew and oak with copper fastening to carry him forth to the pyre. Upon his bed the rune casters wrote the marks of honor and life, hoping to bring peace to his darkened body. But the Krigsherre had lost his heart, and peace was not for him. Along the road from town to the Krigsherre's ship, there lay in wait a band of Saxon under the order of their king, come to reclaim his body for bounty. They waited for the dark to fall, and cast their arrows to the stars, cutting down the men whom carried the Krigsherre. As the Saxon men approached, they saw the Azure burning glow of swamp fire in the eyes and hole of his heart of the Krigsherre. Fearing loss of profit more than life, the men brought the Krigsherre's body up the mountain to descend to the waiting ships. Many then heard a whisper in their souls, calling for their blood. The voice called forth their secrets and cut into their souls, leaving them naked and screaming to their Christian god. Then from the sky, at the crest of the mountain, there came a mighty storm, and from it a single bolt of lightning, rending the earth, and casting the Saxon men down to the rocks. Into this Chasm, the Krigsherre fell - into a hole black as night without moon, and here he lay for years, calling forth to any who came close, and driving them to leap off the cliffs to the rocks below...
Many years passed, and there came a traveling man of mysterious portent. Some say he was Monk, others say he was a Bard, And still more claim him a Wizard. The only true knowledge that can be found is that he was called Dalamar, and he was strong in Magic. Dalamar heard the Krigsherre whispering beneath the rock, and called down words of power to his resting site. Dalamar carved the runes for life and power on the grave wall and cast crystals upon the grave dirt calling forth the Krigsherre as a Draugr, cloaked in the black of death, to fight for his house of men and his God Baccvs... To this day, the Draugr fights for Baronet Dalamar and his Fellow Lords Blapticus Le Terni, and Leto Theodopalus in the Black Hand... A fitting place for the Blacked soul of the Krigsherre...

Affiliated Groups


Baron of Mystic Seas, May 2012 - Sept 2012
Baron of Mystic Seas, Sept 2012 - March 2013


Lord Title given by King Trenton August 2012

Notable Accomplishments

  • Lord Title at Pacwar 14 in under a year of playing the game
  • Steeped in the lore of Trollskap
  • Known for hypnotism
  • Able to change size in accordance to how many burgers he eats
  • Unusually well spoken member of the recently deceased
  • Fond of kittens...

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