Dispel Magic (V7)

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Dispel Magic (S, Sorcery)


Repeat x5 "I dispel that magic."


If cast on a player, all spells and enchantments on a player are dispelled, including any enchantments on their equipment; Reanimated players die. If cast on an object, all Enchantment on it are dispelled. May target a Fixed Enchantment to remove it


Not usable against relics. It does not affect Extraordinary class abilities or skills, nor does it affect the following; Neutral School magic of any type, any spell or enchantment already discharged (such as Heal (V7)), Commune (V7), Messenger (V7), Teleport Spell in the act of being completed, Lost (V7), or Banish (V7). Dispel Magic can cancel Anti-Magic (V7) only if cast from the outside.


Will cancel Protection from Magic (V7). Will remove all enchantments from the target's equipment even if not currently in the possession of the target. Example: Throwing down an Imbued Weapon sword will not prevent Dispel Magic from removing the enchantment.

Who gets it?

A 6th level Healer (V7) and 3rd level Wizard (V7) spell.

Monsters who can dispel magic


Monsters who are considered "summoned" (and not "willing animal companions") will be removed from play by Dispel Magic. (See the Dor for more details.)