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Sheik (Baronet) Dramok DeSybal, of Falling Fire Neverwinter

Pictured at Tri-Kingdom Midreign 2008.


DeSybal has been a member of Amtgard since the late 1990s, and he is well-known for being the type of Amtgarder who really is in it for the love of the game. Despite having held exemplory terms of a number of offices and being well-known for his talent at fighting, service, and a&s endeavors, he rarely accepts recognition or awards for his efforts and often jokingly threatens bodily harm those who offer to recognize him. He is house lord to House Veritas, a service and a&s oriented household in Neverwinter, and is a member of the Triads fighting company. He is married to Azazel, and often, their home is host to Falling Fire's arts and sciences meetings.

Affiliated Groups

House Veritas - House Lord
The Triads Fighting Company

Notable Accomplishments

Desybal is known for being one of the more well-rounded Amtgarders of Neverwinter. He has served as both local and kingdom monarch, regent, champion, and prime minister on many occasions. He has been autocrat and feastcrat for several events and tournaments. He has also been Neverwinter's cultural champion at least once.

Was presented with a Knight of the Crown belt at Neverwinter coronation in January 2010, but he turned it down, stating that knighthood was not one of his goals. He made it clear it had nothing to do with what kind of belt or anything of that nature, just not something he wanted.

Additional Images

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DeSybal and Ticklepaws at Piratical Sabatical 2007

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House Veritas: Back row - Kardore, DeSybal, Joy, Azazel, AMC, Stinkfoot
Front row - Xina

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