Brotaku Vengeant

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Squire Brotaku Vengeant, of Mystic Seas within the Kingdom of Blackspire



Brandon the Frost Giant

Mundane Biography

A fixer of things in the computer world, awesome at things...Pwnface

Persona Biography

He's pretty me..


Took an arrow to the knee...still adventuring.

Affiliated Groups

Frostheim...Brigadier General of the Warhawk Brigade

Belted Family

Sir Silverlock Silvermoon

Notable Accomplishments

Being awesome Baron of Mystic Seas October 2011-April 2012

Boyfriend extraordinaire to Kiki Ling Risu <3

Master Trololol Expert Annoyer Aficionado of Being Full of Himself Doctorate of Cutting People Lord Corrector of Grammers Insane in the Membrane

Additional Images

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  • Getting ready for the Blackspire vs. Northern Lights war
  • kfc.jpg
  • Jousting armor
  • Brandonsamurai.jpg
  • Samurai Style

More Information

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