Bolt O' Saurus

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”Are you hurt, or are you injured?”

Bolt O'Saurus
Home Park Burning Lands
Kingdom Burning Lands
Year Started 199?
Noble Title Viscount
Belt Status Knight of the Sword
Knight of the Flame


Bolt is one of the most well-known figures in Amtgard. His fighting prowess, especially the force he delivers his blows are the stuff of legend. It's not that he's unsafe, just that you definitely know you've been hit. Just to make sure you remember being hit, you will also walk away with the memory of his laughing as he hit you.

For a long time the most famous squire in Amtgard, he was knighted Knight of the Sword in the Burning Lands at the Gathering of the Clans in 1995. He was also knighted Knight of the Flame in 2001 for his continual assistance with the lands in Amtgard in finding assistance with contractual matters.

Affiliated Groups

Member of Archon
The Avengers

Belted Family

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Notable Accomplishments

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Bolt in Archon garb.


Wovoka, Bolt and Phocion at Clan 2007.


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