Archer (V7)

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Archer is a core class (V7) primarily focused on combat archery.

From the Rulebook (V7)

Class created by Heimdale Haroldsson

Note: This version is outdated, for the current V8 version see here: Archer

Everyone knows the legend of William Tell, and that story has a basis in fact in the Welsh Archers who long resisted British rule before making the English longbow world-famous. Other outstanding examples include the kyoto archers of Shogun-era Japan, and the Sioux Dog Soldiers.

An archer



William Tell, Odysseus, Paris of Troy, Robin Hood, Bard of the Dale, the Ettrick Foresters, and Minamoto Tametomo


Orange sash (V7)

Class details:

Archer Level Lives Weapons Armor Immunities Abilities and Traits
1st 4 dagger (V7), short (V7), long (V7), bow (V7) 3 points None Bowyer (V7) (ex) 1/life, Longbow (V7) (T)
2nd - - - - Stun Arrow (V7) (1/reusable) (T), Flame Arrow (V7) (ex) (1/reusable) (T)
3rd - - - - Accuracy (V7) (T)
4th 5 - - - Armor-piercing Arrow (V7) (1/reusable) (T)
5th - small shields (T) - - -
6th - - - - Penetration Arrow (V7) (1/reusable) (T)

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