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About healers

This is a page that includes direct quotes from people about history or other in game aspects; these can come in the form of sage advice, rants or humor. Updaters please feel free to add to the pages below but please do not subtract even if you disagree with the info or opinion.

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Why healers are good.

--Well, let's face it. All those awesome fighters get hit from time to time, and those Healers keep them in the fight. It's true, it's true! Healer is your all around support class, letting everyone get their stick on, while you keep your team enchanted with things like Harden, Protect, Resurrect, Entangle, Stun. The diversity of the class makes for an awesome way to get your team going for that ever elusive battlegame win.

Why healers suck.

  • Also penned from said Jynx*

Mostly? That red sash makes you a target for every cheese spell on the face of the planet.

How To Play a Healer


If you have a lot of monks that like to camp sanctuary and can't throw an entangle more than 20 feet, take sleep instead of entangle (with the ext). You wound berzerk barbars, entangle anyone else, awe/fear an opposing caster, and do your thing with the dispel/promag. Also wounding the shield arm works wonders. Or wounding the archer. Hell wound everyone you can, awesome spell, can be used while moving, and it is per life.

Rook Hightower

There are many ways of playing Healer, 2 ways I play are NecroPriest, and Combat Warder. Each person will have their own preferences within each subtype and are subject to change depending on the field or gametype.


This build is my go-to rezbot setup. Priest gives all your meta-magics a charge x3, but they can only be used on Spirit magic, which is fine since you will be utilizing them the most. Necromancer gives your Death magic charge x3, but you cannot use Protection enchantments.

The goal is for the caster to stay alive as long as possible for their GUMs, and to use their chargeable abilities and meta-magics to support the team. Combined with Iceball and other crowd control magics, the caster can make any skirmish one-sided.


Staying alive for this build, while not a must, helps bring out its fullest potential especially in a large battlegame.

Use your chargeable Steal Life Essence to quickly charge your vital, or non-Spirit magics. Innate will will act as a battery for your Spirit magic.

I prefer taking no weapons in this build and instead try to receive Gift of Air.

Combat Warder:

This build revolves around snowballing Persistent enchantments on your team over the course of the game. Warder gives you twice the enchantments from the Protection school allowing you to hoard enchantments and use them to counter the other team. The downside though is you cannot take any Subdual, Command, or Death magics.

I play this build as a more aggressive rez-bot, but since I expect to be in combat I trade NecroPriest with Warder so every time I respawn I can give 2 Persisted enchantments to my team. This build can shutdown specific casters, or make your team harder to kill in the long run.


Take a variety of enchantments so you can counter the other teams magic. Enlightened Soul, and Adaptive Protection give you good coverage over a range of magics.

Phoenix Tears and Mass Healing are Spirit magics and are not affected by Warder.