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The Wardancers have members from all over Amtgard. The Wardancers from every land are unique as their lands are. However, when we get together at large events, you can see the camaraderie, the friendship, and the fun we have as a group.

At the heart of it all, we are a family. One only needs to be at any major event to witness this. Watch our company tournament, spend time with us at our fires as we share stories, or fight next to us on the battlefield, covering each other, encouraging each other. It is what is best about us.


The Wardancers are an Amtgard Battle Company originating from the Kingdom of Dragonspine. They were founded in the winter of 1992. The exact date of when it all started is lost in time. However, it isn't the date that's important, but rather, it's the season. Winter in Dragonspine brings its own kind of melancholy, and it was this desire to do something, anything, that sparked the inspiration to found a new fighting company.

Greywalker and Jetara are the originators of the ideal, the creators of the company symbols, the designers that brought it all together. In many ways, it is their love of life, and desire to teach, which has nurtured the Wardancers into the company it is today. Under the constant ministrations of the two founding members and co-captains, the High Dancers Sir Jetara Starlamaine and Sir Greywalker, the Wardancers have grown from a handful of members in a couple of lands to over 40 members in lands all over Amtgard.

But they are not alone to blame for the Wardancers. It would not truly be where it is today if not for the constant inputs, questions, and love of all the Wardancers. It may have started out as Greywalker's and Jetara's dream, but as each person has taken up this dream, they have molded it and shaped it in some way. Perhaps that is why there is such loyalty within the company, because the company belongs to all of us, and we are all responsible for making it what it is.

From the small fighting company of its humble beginnings on the fields of Dragonspine, the Wardancers have evolved into "Amtgard's Boy Scouts," an involved interkingdom group with an active presence on the field, in the arts and sciences, and in service to the dream that is Amtgard. Easily recognized as the "Grey and White," the Wardancer tabard has come to symbolize a fighting company built on brotherhood, honor, and "integrity.

Our Members: