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Team Shady

”We must become the change we want to see in the world.”



Team shady was started as a joke by Shady when he couldn't make it to Knoblander in 2010 so he sent four belt favors to people who did make it to represent team shady for the event. Originally the team consisted of four northern Amtgarders with shady's seal of approval but as the joke was spread and more people wanted in it has come to encompass anyone that shady approves of that has asked to join.

team shady has three rules

1. Have fun

2. Encourage others to have fun

3. Talk a lot of shit

Affiliated Groups



1 Potato

2 Krix

3 Thorpe

4 Lurker

5 Wisp

6 Kittah

7 Brigid

8 Monkey

9 Thurg Ironfist

10 Juju

11 Areinas

12 Rau Lichborn

13 Jaeden

14 Misty

15 Greasy

16 Vigus

17 Santiago

18 Savaen

Notable Accomplishments

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More Information

  • Company Website
  • Contact [mailto:"your email" "Your Name"] for more information.