Song of Survival

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Song of Survival is a spell used by:





Range Self
Incantation “I sing of my numerous close calls”
Materials No strip required
Effects When the bearer would otherwise die, they instead announce “Song of Survival” and become Insubstantial.

The caster treats the triggering event as though it had no effect on them other than triggering Song of Survival. Song of Survival immediately ends and bearer must stop their Chant. Bearer may choose to return directly to their base immediately after Song of Survival activates. Bearer must Chant “Song of Survival” or sing a song regarding their many escapes from certain doom. Singing in place of the normal Chant is still a Chant and must follow all Chant rules.

Limitations or Restrictions Once Song of Survival has activated to protect the bearer it may not be cast again on the same life.
Notes Bearer may end the Insubstantial state caused by Song of Survival at any time with the standard Incantation. If the Insubstantial State is ended by any means before reaching the base, the rest of the effect is ended as well.

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