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Baroness, Squire Sid NaNuWhoGod, of Sun's Haven, Kingdom of Dragonspine Aka El Cid, Hitter of Things

"I don't have time for negativity or negative people. I expend my effort where it's needed, to create positive things for positive people."


Started in the Duchy of Thor's Refuge, Westmarch in 2009
Moved to Arizona and joined the Barony of High Oasis, now known as the Duchy of Sun's Haven, Dragonspine in 2012.
took a semi retirement for mundane reasons, returned to the Sun's Haven field in 2015.

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Noble Family

Notable Accomplishments


  • Unofficially Dubbed "Sid the Awesome" By Sir Jynx Mercades.
  • God of stuff
  • Hitter of things
  • Swordmom

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