Roken Clydeson

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Baronet Roken Clydeson, The Duchy of the Ivory Tower, Kingdom of Rivermoor

Roken Heraldry


Roken started Amtgard in July of 2012 in the Barony of the Ivory Tower. Since joining, he has proven his worth as a record-keeper, Baronial Prime Minister of the Ivory Tower January-June 2013, and a Soldier of the Jackal Company. His preferred class is Barbarian. ROAR!!!


  • "This dude's a pimp with a polearm. In addition, he has made the job of Baron exceedingly easier by being the one of the best and most reliable Prime Ministers that a guy could have on his side. Also, he's the reincarnation of Andre the Giant." (Added by Baron Zhao Squall)
  • "I never made the Andre connection, but I definitely see it."(Added by Overlord General Bjorn Fellhand)
  • "I KNOW RITE???" (Added by Baron Zhao Squall)

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