Nordic Nomads

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Nordic Nomads
"Support, Dedication, Family. We are Nomads!"
Started Winter 2010
Chapters Western Winds

Nine Blades

Ominous Valley


Odereus (Nightmare Plains)

Contact Information


Nine Blades


Formed in the winter of 2010 in the city of Edmonton Alberta, Adorth and Dassureth two adventurers from the eastern part of the canuck Tundra in Ontario formed this Fighting company and brought in those willing and worthy to hold the Nomad name. The company was born to support growth, growth in each other as growth in one self, through this growth comes confidence as it is believed with great confidence one can be a great leader or a great fighter or even a craftsman. Which ever the reason, each member can rely that the other Nomad would be there to watch his or her back in what ever challenge they choose to take on.

The Nomads have grown over the lands of Canada with small Nomadic Tribes forming in Ominous Valley and within the Nine Blades itself. They became the widest spread Fighting Company in Canada.

The Nordic Nomads

" We believe in support and dedication. We support the growth of each Nomad. We are not always together but we are bound by respect. When called, we answer. We help each other grow to become the leaders and people of our world. We may often be alone, but we are never completely alone. We are a family that shares this goal. The meaning of being a Nomad may be your own, but the ultimate goal is the same in all of us: Support, Dedication, Family. We are Nomads!"


Adventurer is a term used for Initiates or beginner members in the Nordic Nomads. An Adventurer requires a sponsor and once the sponsor feels the Adventurer has proven their time and dedication they will be put through trials that can range from fighting to crafting or to service trials.

Event Appearances

Nordic Nomads made their first international event appearance at PacWar13 and since have shown up at several events including Pacwar and Thousand Stars on a yearly basis. They always make a big appearance at the Western Winds Annual Summer Event, Circles of Fate and make a big appearance for the Western Winds Winter event, Wind Chill. Both local events often have hosted meals provided by the Nordic Nomads.

They made their first Eastern Appearance at Battle of the Dens in 2012, 3 Nomads allied with Odious Pariahs and won the company battle.

Nomads1.jpg Nomadssingle.jpeg


Western Winds Nomad Sector


Argosax [Inactive]

Goodt [Inactive]
Jayne [Inactive]
Lacena [Inactive]
Odereus [Inactive]
Quiram (Adventurer) [Inactive]
Rykin Leingod
Tristan Garnovich
Aeon Wulfsbane (Adventurer)
Ramas (Adventurer)
Minos (Adventurer)

Nine Blades Nomad Sector

Kiera [Inactive]
Tigra (Adventurer) [Inactive]
Bonnie Ellerou

Ominous Valley Nomad Sector

Halfsand (Adventurer) [Inactive]
Laka [Inactive]
Octavian Chey[Inactive]
Trysac [Inactive]

Nightmare Plains Nomad Sector

Bjorn Darkless [Inactive]

Amber Highlands Nomad Sector