Malkav the long winded

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Baron Lord Master Robb 'the long winded' of house Malkavian, of Valley of the Twin Rivers Rising Winds

"Dammit Rob" - pretty much everybody


Blah, someone else fill this in, I don't want to type a bunch of stuff about myself.

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Notable Accomplishments

  • Squired once upon a time to Sir Sir Varas of Gryphon's Perch/Port of Winter's Night
  • Last regent of the Principality of Midgard
  • Co-Founder of Valley of the Twin Rivers
  • Somehow survived a broken c7-t1 vertebrae, brain surgery, and being MaA's to Squire Razor. Can NOT be mundanely killed by conventional means.
  • 18th Kingdom Dragon Master in the Rising Winds
  • 27th Regent of the kingdom of the Rising Winds
  • The Slayer of Markosias... I'm apparently never living that down. Also the premier Florentine fighter of VTR... *Face palm*

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