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My Kingdom for a....

What is it?

The highest status an Amtgard Chapter (or chapters) can attain. The rules set forth by the Burning Lands for kingdom formation include a average of 150 people, in one or more parks.

Kingdom Styles

There are two basic styles of Kingdom Government; Floating Crown and Static Crown.

Rights of a Kingdom

Kingdoms can bestow any awards, including four Orders of Knighthood. Knighthood cannot be granted without authority from a Kingdom.

Kingdoms of Amtgard

There have been twelve kingdoms to date in the history of Amtgard:

Defunct Kingdoms

-Valley of the Silver Rains(Kingdom Status 1995)(defunct 2005) -Mystic Seas(Kingdom Status 1993)(defunct 2005)

Groups nearing Kingdom Status

-The Duchy of Crystal Groves (GV) -The Principality of Desert Winds (IM) -The Duchy of Western Gate (RW) -The Grand Duchy of Stormhaven (BS)

Also keep your eyes on

-The Westmarch Confederation (DS) -The Principality of Winter's Edge (NW) -The Principality of Rosetta Pact (IM)

see also Kingdom Insignia. For a listing of the kingdom heraldry check the Heraldry page.

The above link to the amtwiki pages for each of the Kingdoms. You can also use the Kingdom Websites page to go directly to the kingdom websites.