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Defender Sir Kelevra 7Shires NaNuWhoGod of Ravensmoor, Neverwinter


Kelevra 7Shires started playing in 2004 at Dragon's Keep, in Valdosta Ga.
He has played at Ravensmoor, in Jennings, Fla.
Moved to Arizona in 2016, and plays in the Duchy of Sun's Haven,Dragonspine

He was Kingdom Champion of Neverwinter for 2 consecutive terms and became the King of Neverwinter at the '14 summer coronation.
Kelevra is known by the nickname "Blondie" in many circles.
The phrase "Seraphic in a Blondie kinda way" was inspired by him. It generally refers to clubbing people like harp seals.

Affiliated Groups

Household - Lantern corp Company - Asura, Petitioner.

Belted Family

Before joining the peerage he was Squire to Sir Venus

Squire Sid NaNuWhoGod
MaA Drithan

MaA Gr'rakt

Page - none chosen currently


Master Assassin - Given by Monarch Squire Squire, 2009

Knight of the Crown - Given by King Kelbo, 2016