Dragon's Keep

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Amtgard Chapter
Dragon's Keep
Kingdom Neverwinter
Status defunct
City Valdosta, GA
Park Drexel Park
Meets on Sundays 1pm
Founded 1994
Active '

Dragon's Keep

A Defunct Amtgard Duchy once in Valdosta, Georgia, part of the Kingdom of Neverwinter.


Dave Yockey, aka Darkhunter, and Taz posted an ad in the barracks at Moody Air Force Base about wanting gamers. Siavn answered this ad. Siavn started gaming with them in August. Siavn Sableblade was transferred to Moody from Alberquerque, New Mexico and in September of 1994, Siavn, Ghaedei Chorbayne (who is now Sir GoldCrest of Astral Winds), Altos Shadowstar (Grant), his ex-wife (Diane), Taz, his ex-wife Petra (not ex's at the time of course), and Darkhunter got together and discussed the rules.

Having decided to give it a go, this group of gamers met the following Saturday. They drank all Saturday night while making the swords that they used to play the next day. That night, Siavn introduced Saldinius D'Eclair to the group.

With swords completed, these nine people brought the Amtgard game to Valdosta. They started playing at the park with the mock plane on the corner by the hospital and two weeks later moved to Drexel Park. After about four weeks, we elected our first officers, the group discussed and finally chose those for the first time, Siavn was Monarch, Saldinius was PM, Shadowstar was Regent, and Taz (later Athos DeBlade) was the Champion. After six months, we held elections and the champion's tourney (DK's first). Things ended much the same, Taz still champion (was doing Champion for a year and a half while doing both Amtgard and SCA all before Baron Rhoane came over), Shadowstar's wife (Diane) took Regent, Siavn still Monarch, and Saldinius stayed Chancellor. In March of 1995, 6-8 SCA members decided to come by the park and see what was going on. The original intent of the SCA members was to convert the Amtgard members to SCA. Few of these SCA members included Baron Rhoane, Syr Leo du Chevalier(now of Goldenvale) and Erich du Chevalier. Due to an injury, Rhoane left the SCA and became a full member of Amtgard in 1995. It should also be noted, that for quite a while, not much about Amtgard outside of Dragon's Keep was even known by its members.

After the third set of elections, and once everyone had a firm grip on rules etc..., we stretched out and began fine tuning the land. GoldCrest became Monarch, Taz held Champion for another six months with GoldCrest as Monarch which was to be his last term as Champion. Taz was later elected as Regent under GoldCrest. Baron Rhoane replaced Taz as Champion and held it for 2 consecutive years. In 1995, we held our first event Dragon's Rage. GoldCrest was the autocrat fot the first 3 of these annual events. It should be noted, however, as GoldCrest will tell you, it was the group effort that made this event the success that it was. Originally started as a Barony, Dragon's Keep started off under the Duchy of Pegasus Valley, as Siavn had friends out there, and in 1996 was picked up by the Kingdom of Dragonspine. In late 1999/early 2000, Dragon's Keep became part of the Kingdom of Neverwinter. Then in early 2002, the Barony was awarded Duchy status by the Kingdom of Neverwinter.

Dragon's Keep is now defunct and no longer holding regular meetings.


Noted for hosting the yearly Dragon's Rage event.


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