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Viscount Kaven Gausson Varg, of Rising Sun Station, Crystal Groves

"A Scar is a badge of honor. It proves to everyone that you are a fighter."


First started playing in NodRama 04/04/2015

Is the most decorated member of the Brutus Beltline.


Member of ;Continuance

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

Elevated to Baronet 8/19/2017

Elevated to Viscount 1/19/19

1 Order of Thalia

6 Orders of the Rose

3 Orders of the Smith

1 Order of the Warrior

5 Orders of the Owl

1 Oder of the Mask

3 Orders of the Lion

5 Orders of the Crown

2 Orders of the Dragon

4 Orders of the Garber

More Information

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