Kaden Nar

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Master Kaden Nar,Squire to Syr Wolfen du Chevalier



December 2005 Kaden Nar started his journey through the lands of Amtgard. Sea of Rhye in the kigdom of Goldevale was his home at first. There he met many and learn much of the ways of Amtgard. He met a knight who asked him to take up his beltline and join him as a Man at Arms. Kaden soon after became a Saracen Initiate under the guidance of Akira Tsuji. This would not come to fruition at that time as Kaden's heart was restless and heard the calling of his home somewhere in the lands of Neverwinter. He returned to his homeland and found not another Saracen or even an amtgarder anywhere for three years. In 2009 he heard the call and made his way to North River where he found his calling and worked hard to keep the Shire alive. At one of the many kingdom events in Neverwinter he found several tribes of Saracens and in November of 2011 he became a full Saracen. In the hot summer of 2013 Kaden left the Saracens and is now wondering aimlessly. In August of 2013 Kaden took a page Lil Bit Darklund under his Master's title.

Groups Affiliated

House Fun

Clan FluffyTree

Order of the Broken Barrel

Belted Family

Squire to Syr Wolfen du Chevalier