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Lord Man-at-Arms Iocabus, of Knight's Rest, Tal Dagore, Hydromancer of the Broken Lands

”Go drink some water” - either Iocabus to everyone else or everyone else to Iocabus

Iocabus KotB Kingmaker.jpg


Iocabus started his Amtgard Career on August 31st 2019 at the former Black Ember Fortress, now Wolf Rock. He divided his time between there on Saturdays and Knight's Rest on Sundays before fully transferring his credits to Knight's Rest in February of 2020.

On June 21st 2020, Iocabus stepped in as the Pro-Tem Prime Minister of Knight's Rest. He stayed in that position and was elected for a full term and then again before leaving the position at the next end reign to hold the monarch position for one term.

Iocabus has served as the Hydrocrat for Keep on the Borderlands XI and XII.

Affiliated Groups

  • Companies
    • Current
      • Scions: Currently a Petitioner.
    • Former
      • Saracens: Formerly a Tribal Initiate before choosing to leave the company.
  • Households

Belted Family

Formerly Man at Arms to Lady Freki before her passing.

Notable Accomplishments

Iocabus received Tal Dagore's Golden Axe award.

Iocabus received the non-noble title of "Hydromancer of the Broken Lands" for his service during Keep on the Borderlands XII as Hydrocrat.

Additional Images

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More Information

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