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Hope A.K.A. Sweethope of Slaughter Creek, Celestial Kingdom

The key to success is to never stop fighting!
Sweater Kittens


SweetHope is the internet handle of Hope of Slaughter Creek.

SweetHope started out at Mystic Glade in the Kingdom of Neverwinter but now is fighting at the Barony of Slaughter Creek in Austin, Texas.

Formerly believed to be User=Glen and or Kenshin; a fake E-Sam account designed to frighten the boys i.e. "ZOMG there's a G.I.R.L. in the Forum!"

SweetHope first came to Esam in 2005 and after a few racey posts quickly became a known name through out the forums. After her appearance on Esam she began to travel to more events where people began to realize that she was indeed a real person. SweetHope then was nominated for the Hottest Women of Amtgard Calendar for 2008 and is seen for the month of July. SweetHope claims to be a stickjock and is frequently seen on the ditch field. SweetHope is the first official president of Wokou Island from E-sam. She won the election between SweetHope representing the group SLAU and Grix representing the group Wokomunist

SweetHope is the roommate of Two Starz of Slaughter Creek

SweetHope has withdrawn from the game indefinitely

Belted Family

Affiliated Groups

Member of the Wokou Syndicate (Sgarrista, Button Man)

Member of the fighting company Disciples

Member of the House Margarita Chicks

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