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Emerald Winds is a Duchy of Winter's Edge, located in Huntsville, Alabama.


Created by the Rat Mother


Founded in August of 2004 by Sidius, Margax, Detrik, and Kidd; with the park's first official sign-in on February 15, 2005. As with all groups they started small but with time grew and found itself as a barony sponsored under Winter's Edge of Neverwinter and drawing more than 20 players weekly. In 2017 it left Neverwinter with Winter's edge when the Principaity became a Kingdom.

The park went defunct in 2019, and was reopened again in 2022 by Sidious, Haraldr, Corvo, and Toast
Elevated again to Barony in February 2023
Elevated for the first time to Duchy August 2023





(this section under construction)
After the sundering of Master Wizard Sidious' tower and accompanying pocket dimension, several pure elementals escaped into Emerald Winds, disrupting the balance of nature around the city and it's holding. Many quests and adventures were had in destroying the elementals to restore the previous balance, though one person, Anya, seemed content absorbing their power. A period of relative peace followed, though a slow decline set in afterwards.

The hard times began in earnest when the star fell on Winter's Edge. A single star glassed the surrounding farmlands of the city, making the land barren and difficult to work. However, a blessing from Gaia herself helped return the fields to life, though it was abit too much, and caused the tall wheat to overrun the forests and town itself. While the balance was able to restored, the town never fully recovered and slowly dwindled into ruin.

When the town reopened, it quickly grew to a thriving barony. Now boasting Sidious' magic college and Haraldr's battlemaster academy, with a very popular tavern on the town square run by a collective of Rats. Though now, with the expansion of the realm, An ongoing war between Gnomes and Fairies has leaked into Amtgard, with Emerald Winds caught in the middle aiding whichever side is paying more.

The people of Emerald Winds aided in the ending of the Gnome-Fairy War by helping to reconcile two twins: Timber Twinkle-Tinker and Tunder Tinker-Twinkle. By reconnecting these two half-gnome half-fairies separated at birth with the roots of their other parent, they came together and created a popular front against war profiteers who had been keeping the war going, thus bringing peace to the lands.

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For more information about meeting up with the park and location please be sure to visit our Facebook page. We strongly encourage all aspects of Amtgard; battle games, ditching, role play, and more.. Feel free to look us up; we always love to have visitors.