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Page Tuna Door-Smasher, of Emerald Winds, Kingdom of Winter's Edge

Tuna's heraldry

Biography, Mundane:

Tuna was first introduced to Amtguard in 2017 by his good friend Barbarus Nut-Cracker, who brought him to Emerald Winds. He was enchanted by the game and the parks inhabitants so much that he made an effort to come with his friend whenever possible. Things were good for a while until a tragic accident meant barbarus might never be able play again. Most of the other friends he made at the park stopped showing up too, and eventually so did he.

In 2022, Tuna gets a message from Haraldr Door-smasher. It says that emerald winds is active once more! Tuna never knew it was inactive, but Haraldr invited him back out and so he came. Tuna wants again found him self lost in the simple yet broad systems of the game, and with renewed resolve and a head full of new ideas, he vowed to become someone truly noteworthy.

Biography, Persona:

Tuna is a human-sized gnome. Born to his father Tambel Nuggins(Gnome) and his mother Kilgor the unquenchable-torrent of slaughter(Minotaur),Tuna is actually Half-Gnome, Half-Minotaur, Quarter-dwarf. He's not sure where the Dwarven part comes from, or why his his genetic breakdown adds up to 125%, but fantasy genetics do we wildin' sometimes. More fortunate than his awkwardly sized kin on both sides of the family, Tuna is seeking to use his privileged and respected stature to fight for the equal treatment of his less fortunate kin, and all awkwardly-sized races.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Officer Positions Held

  • Prime Minister (Protem), Emerald Winds (Shire): October 2022 - April 2023
  • Prime Minister, Emerald Winds (Barony): April 2023 - October 2023
  • Prime Minister, Emerald Winds (Duchy): October 2023 - February 2024


  • Gnomelord (2024)
  • Paragon Druid (2024)