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Dragonlady, of Western Gate Tal Dagore


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Dragonlady joined Amtgard in 2001, as Dragonbaby at the St. Louis Annual Pagan Picnic with sister Buldozer. She picked up the game quickly and despite her size, came in like a hurricane.

Everyone loved and adored this wild and fun loving kid. When not playing Warrior, she played Monster as a Fairy. Everyone knew her Fairy days when they heard the shriek of "Fairy!!" from across the field. She has also been a great asset to the reeves and has helped whenever she can.

Dragonlady found a way to declare her Amtgard friends by coming up with Amtgardians which she is pleased to know has been catching on. She has made many lifetime friends through the game and has even been able to reconnect to some old ones because of it as well.

Since year one, Dragonlady has been a proud Grendel and as she says, "She bleeds Black and Gold."

Affiliated Groups


Clan of the Bears 2nd Degree Cave Bear

Western Gate

Additional Images

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Dragonlady with Karrot in 2002

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Dragonlady and Durf at Archon in 2005

More Information

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