Crown Qualifications

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Crown Qualifications, or Crown Quals, is a tourney in which candidates for office must enter to attempt to qualify to run for office. It consists of both fighting and cultural (Arts & Sciences) competition. It usually takes place a few weeks before an election, depending on the corpora calendar of the specific kingdom. Candidates that do not complete the qualifications set forth at the crown quals are disqualified from running for office for that reign.

In some kingdoms, the position of Champion is not an elected office. In these kingdoms, all candidates wishing to run for the office of Champion submit their intent, and then compete in the warskills tournament. The highest-placing candidate in the tourney, assuming all candidates are otherwise qualified, is appointed the new Champion of the kingdom.

Amtgard History

The first Crown Tourney was held on March 27th, 1983, in the Burning Lands. There were three contestants: Tawnee Darkfalcon, Joella Starwatcher, and Pan Farstar. They competed in a tourney of warskills. Tawnee won, and was knighted and crowned Queen of the Land. Harnsaure was crowned Prince Consort, and Joella was knighted as Champion of the Land. Amtgard held a victory revel at Putney Street Pub, in El Paso, Texas.

How to run crown quals

It is often the responsibility of the Regent to run crown qualification A&S tournaments, and the kingdom Champion to run the warskills tournament. However, who the ultimate responsibility falls to is specified in the corpora of the kingdom running the qualifications.

The kingdom corpora specifies how many categories are offered in each tourney, as well as what kinds. It also details how many categories candidates must enter to qualify, and how well they must do in each tourney. Every kingdom specifies different qualifications that their candidates must complete to be considered for office.