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An election a decision making process where people choose people to hold official offices.

Amtgard History

The first Monarch to be elected to office was Aramithris of Meadowlake, of the Burning Lands, on October 18th, 1986. The first seven Monarchs of the Burning Lands had been previously chosen by Right of Arms.

Elections in Amtgard

Elections in Amtgard are held to chose new leadership. All major offices are elected, with the notable exceptions of the Champion in some kingdoms. The lesser officers of the court are appointed by major offices, such as the Scribe and the Royal Guard.

All members of the kingdom who are dues paid are allowed to vote in elections. In some places, you must also be a contributing member.

The Monarchy election, usually held at Crown Quals, is usually presided over by the Prime Minster, or by the highest remaining official not running for reelection. The Prime Minster election, usually held at or before Midreign, is likewise presided over by the Guildmaster of Reeves or in some places, the Monarch or their appointed representative.